We Are Raknida

The largest online marketplace for wall art that inspires happiness.

We are young Africans obsessed with telling diverse stories and building global opportunities for all African creatives through wall art.

Our dream is to put loved art in every space and make earning easy for all African digital creators.

    Our Store

6 Alh. Oluwakemi Street, Kosofe 105102, Lagos, Nigeria

WhatsApp: (+234) 803 329 3221
Email: raknida@insectastudios.com

    Store Hours

Monday – Friday 9am–4pm WAT

A Conscious Revolution

In our journey, three things have stood out for us: people love wall art, people love African art, but there’s no cohesive wall art industry for African art lovers and creators.

So Raknida is a revolution for the African wall art industry. We ➡

  • Build a global community to empower African creators.
  • Provide employment for numerous Africans in the production process.
  • Support the expression of identity through art in spaces.
  • Create more creative, affordable and efficient ways for buyers and collectors all over the world to shop for wall art.

What makes us tick

These are the values that drive us.





The Founders

Anthony 'Anth' Ezeokoye


Oma 'Firefly' Chiegboka

Comms. & Operations Director

Kenneth 'Weevil' Frank

Creative projects Director

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