Light Others – Orange

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By Raknida…


Orange Gradient Glowing Candlelight-Themed Wall Art.


About the product:

Created By: Raknida
Ships in: 5–7 business days
Product Type: Wallpaper (also available as canvas print and wallpaper)
Info:  Read more about our art print here.


Light Others is the perfect piece that brings a splash of color and optimism into your home. This variant will help your wall glow with uplifting art that was made to encourage you to assist others. It is not just about colors that warm the soul; it also helps to adorn your walls with uplifting art that was created to inspire you to help others. This digital art uplifts the heart and spirit not only in words but also in design. It is founded on the idea that helping others makes you win instead of losing. And there are other small and well-considered details in the artistic strokes and color blends.

Love and Light is a cheerful wallpaper that would look great in a modern home, a cute kids’ room



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  • QR Code for Your Heart Beats AR experience
  • 1 Loyalty Sticker


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