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Daytime Glowing Journey-Themed Wall Art.


About the product:

Created By: Raknida
Ships in: 5–7 business days
Product Type: Wallpaper (also available as wallpaper and art print)
Info:  Read more about our wallpaper here.


Loved was created as a bridge to connect the collector and viewers of this art piece to a higher power. Through its big, bold calligraphy, reminiscent of an age when handwritten words were the strongest way to record the existence of divinity for posterity, this art piece directly serves as a physical representation of the viewer’s voice and desire to this higher power. Set in a bed of gently waving greenery, Loved is a strong recall to the ever-present love every human can access from birth but often lose sight of in the struggle of life: the love of family, friends, partners, self, a higher being and more.

It’s a perfect piece for any collector or buyer who wants a touch of heart and simple spirituality added to their home or office decor.



  • 1 Care Card
  • QR Code for Your Heart Beats AR experience
  • 1 Loyalty Sticker


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